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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Beauty Post : My current Favourite Makeup Products ! #1

Hello everybodyyyy !
Makeup is one of the most attractive topics and also one of the most difficult to explain; I personally have tried a ton of makeup and I don't know where to start to share about me and my cosmetics. HAHA. So, I decided to start out with my general favourites which I've been collecting in this 2 years. So, let's get started !

#1 "A base for your makeup" ✽ Banila Co. Prime Primer - Classic Matte
Primer is also known as make up base. Putting on a primer before applying make up is actually a very big part which a lot of us will neglect; it helps create a canvas for a smooth makeup application, and it spaces between the makeup and your skin so that the pigmentation of your makeup will not be stuck under your skin and creates further complication; It also help makeup to last even longer. And this is my current favourite one !

#2 "DaEYESHADOWPRIMER" ✽ City Color- Shadow Primer
A good eye shadow primer actually prevents your eye makeup from creasing, smudging, and it helps enhance the eye shadow you apply. I found this on It's cheap and It's awesome. A long day out/work and my eye makeup is still in place !

#3 "The ultimate all in one concealer" 3ce- Waterfall Concealer
A little tube of concealer with awesome coverage, staying power and never feel thick or greasy ! Covers under eye, impurities. But, if you have a huge acne, you might need something else.

#4 "The Under Eye Hero" Garnier- Under Eye Roll On.
When I have tired eyes, I go for this. The applicator simply just sooth my eye area and gives a decent coverage for my dark circles.

#5 "Lock N Summer Precious Mineral Proof Any Cushion" By Etude House.
I've tried many BB cushions and this is the best one which I've repurchased for many many times HAHA. It's not sticky, light to medium coverage, last longer than others and it's cheaper than others HAHA. The best time to Buy it is during the Etude House Buy 1 free 1. 

#6 "Glow Fleur Cheeks" By Canmake.
Best blusher I've used ! Lasting power is awesome and the color when you mix everything together it's like the best color to suit oriental skin tone !

#7 "The contour, Highlight, Blush trio" By Urban Decay. (NAKED)
The contouring shade and the highlighter are the main things I use in this palette. Honestly, worth the price and right amount of pigment for my skin. 

#8 " No-sebum Mineral Powder" By Innisfree.
"Cheapest and best setting powder !" By right the only phrase which I can describe this product !

#9 "The ultimate eye shadow palette" By BH Cosmetics ( 4th edition of the 120 color eyeshadows)
BH cosmetics is known for their affordable price and good quality products. The eyeshadow last long and the pigmentation is awesome. And this 4th edition palette color works well on me !

#10 "Hyper Sharp Liner" By Maybelline. 
It's cheap, it doesn't claim to last all day but it does ! Colour pay off is good by far the best liquid eyeliner with best price I've ever used.

#11 " Super Sharp Liner' by Kate.
If I don't need to go to work, or attend any special event. This eyeliner is Brown is the best. Last very very very long, and the color is not as dark. It's casual enough for my normal casual day out !

#12 "Waterproof Eye Crayon" By BH Cosmetics.
I use this for my inner under eyeliner. Smudge and Waterproof ! Bestnya HAHA.

#13 "Triangle Eye Brow Pencil" By Empro.
It's just the hardest thing to find the best and natural shade for my eye brows. And this is the best shape and colour which I've found.

#14 "Trio Eyeshadow" By 3ce.
I realise that our oriental skin suits orange, champagne, peachy colours. This is the best for me to bring around places. Small and convenient enough for overall performance as an eyeshadow.

#15 "Rouge Edition Velvet Matte" By Burjois.
Finding a matte, pigmented, last long, and moisturised all around lipstick ? This is the best and it cost not more than RM50.

If you are interested in any of the products I am using, or you want to see a full on review of any products please let me know ! I will be doing more video reviews and blog reviews ! Will be more than happy to share my thoughts with all of you !

Thanks for reading ! And have a good day ahead !
See you in my next post.
Yours Truly.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Skincare : Foreo Luna Mini Review *The T-Sonic Cleanising Device*

Hello Everybodyyyyyyy !
This post is gonna be about a beauty product which I didn't plan to buy at all because I was actually planning to buy the competitor's product. The product I was planning to buy was the Clarisonic Mia, I did a lot of researches as I really need a cleansing device as I've been making up almost everyday lately due to my job * FYI, I am a Flight Attendant*; So the story was, I went to the Sephora outlet and planning to buy the Clarisonic Mia cleansing brush and I asked the sales lady to get me a new stock for the Mia. At the same time, the sales girl recommended me to buy the Foreo Luna Mini instead of the Clarisonic Mia.

First of all, let's do a comparison base on my own opinion and my researches for the Clarisonic Mia and personal experience with the Foreo Luna Mini.   [(tie), ✔︎(win)] *it might work differently depends on your personal skin condition*

  • The Price : Both of them cost almost the same = RM500++.  ◎
  • The Accessories : -The Clarisonic Mia's brush head needs to be changed every 3 months and it  cost almost RM90++ for each brush.
                                 -The Foreo Luna device is made of a type of unique silicone. The silicone brush is nonporous to resist bacteria buildup, making it up to 35x more hygienic than standard sonic-cleansing brushes. ✔︎
  • The Shape : I would say the Clarisonic Mia is abit too big for bringing around. As the Foreo      Luna Mini is a small device which you can bring anywhere and anytime. Foreo Luna Mini ✔︎
  • The battery life : - The Clarisonic Mia needs to be charged every 20mins of use.
                                - The Foreo Luna Mini needs to be charged only every 6 months. ✔︎
  • The Shape of the brushes : -There are a few brushes for the Clarisonic Mia, but they basically look almost the same (round/oval).                        Some smaller areas beside your nose might be abit difficult to cleanse. But if you purchase the Clarisonic Pro, there's a body brush which is a plus because you can deep cleanse your whole body with just a device ! 
                                               -The edges of the Foreo Luna Mini can be use to cleanse the sides   your nose and even under your eye ! There's some bigger brushes on the top and the behind part of the device for deep cleansing.
  • Both of them are Waterproof !

I guess that's all I can share about the comparison ! 
Now, let's share about my experience with  the Foreo Luna Mini.

How To :
  1. Apply your usual Cleansing Product.
  2. Press the On button
  3. The LED light in the bottom will flash every 15 seconds, it means that the portion of the face you are cleaning is done. Just go on and cleanse another part of your face. *One session for the whole face is 60seconds*
  4. Wash off the product from your face.
  5. Complete your whole skin care routine.

*Ignore my tiring after flight face HAHA*

*If you want to clean your device just use some of your cleansing product to rub around would do*

The After feeling, 
I feel like my face have never been this clean every time I finish using it, I was seriously addicted to this device HAHA. I guess that's all I can share about the device, hope that it's helpful for you.

Thanks for reading ! And have a good day ahead !
See you in my next post.
Yours Truly.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hair Post : My Hairstyle Transformation from 2014-2015

Hello there!
Speaking about my hair, I have short hair since I was 14 until I was 17 as my school don't allow us to keep our hair long. I have changed a few different hairstyles/colours since I graduated. I have been keeping my hair long since I was 17 and after I graduated during my 18, the trend for that moment was deep dye. I bleached the bottom part of my hair twice to dye it grey. The Grey lasted for 1-2 months and it faded into the rusty blonde which I thought it was pretty and it's actually not *LOL*. Then, I dyed it to a blue which I always wanted as I have something about cool tone colours. It faded into a sea foam green/blue which I don't mind carrying it around. I participated in Ifeel Girl Search 2014 and I got into TOP 10 finalist and I got a chance to go for the makeover. The hairstylist chopped my hair from waist length to armpit length and all my bleached hair were gone; as my hair volume is very thick and I have a very broad and high forehead, the hairstylist decided to cut my freaking damn long fringe to a sight parting fringe, changed my parting line and the reason to cut my hair short is to make my hair look more healthy because the thickness and the length are starting to make my hair unhealthy and flat. Then, I realise I love short hairstyles more and I keep on cutting it even shorter and shorter and shorter. But the colour I go for are mostly darker ash brown colours because I am too lazy to go for touchups. HAHA. So here are the transformation photos.

That's my Hair Transformation throughout the year ! Gonna update more If I am gonna have other changes with my hair. My friends always ask me why can you cut your hair so easily don't you feel afraid if the hairstyle might not suit you or won't you miss your long hair ? But what I feel is "if you never try and you would never know", life is short and I ain't gonna waste any time of my life of not trying things which I've never tried. HAHA. Just sharing my thoughts. xoxo

Thanks for reading ! And have a good day ahead !
See you in my next post.
Yours Truly.