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Monday, June 22, 2015

Hair Post : My Hairstyle Transformation from 2014-2015

Hello there!
Speaking about my hair, I have short hair since I was 14 until I was 17 as my school don't allow us to keep our hair long. I have changed a few different hairstyles/colours since I graduated. I have been keeping my hair long since I was 17 and after I graduated during my 18, the trend for that moment was deep dye. I bleached the bottom part of my hair twice to dye it grey. The Grey lasted for 1-2 months and it faded into the rusty blonde which I thought it was pretty and it's actually not *LOL*. Then, I dyed it to a blue which I always wanted as I have something about cool tone colours. It faded into a sea foam green/blue which I don't mind carrying it around. I participated in Ifeel Girl Search 2014 and I got into TOP 10 finalist and I got a chance to go for the makeover. The hairstylist chopped my hair from waist length to armpit length and all my bleached hair were gone; as my hair volume is very thick and I have a very broad and high forehead, the hairstylist decided to cut my freaking damn long fringe to a sight parting fringe, changed my parting line and the reason to cut my hair short is to make my hair look more healthy because the thickness and the length are starting to make my hair unhealthy and flat. Then, I realise I love short hairstyles more and I keep on cutting it even shorter and shorter and shorter. But the colour I go for are mostly darker ash brown colours because I am too lazy to go for touchups. HAHA. So here are the transformation photos.

That's my Hair Transformation throughout the year ! Gonna update more If I am gonna have other changes with my hair. My friends always ask me why can you cut your hair so easily don't you feel afraid if the hairstyle might not suit you or won't you miss your long hair ? But what I feel is "if you never try and you would never know", life is short and I ain't gonna waste any time of my life of not trying things which I've never tried. HAHA. Just sharing my thoughts. xoxo

Thanks for reading ! And have a good day ahead !
See you in my next post.
Yours Truly.

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